Grand Egyptian Museum Delays Opening

The Grand Egyptian Museum has had to delay its opening due to the spread of Coronavirus. The Grand Egyptian Museum is located in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. The Museum is located near the Pyramids of Giza, which were built 5000 years ago.

What does the museum hold?

The Museum is an important part of Egyptian heritage and will hold many objects from its history. It will hold the full Tutankhamun collection. Tutankhamun was a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt 3000 years ago, known as the Boy King. The Pharaohs were the rulers of Ancient Egypt. He died at 19 years old and was buried in a large tomb, which was found in November 1922. It featured many riches and treasures. For the first time, these will all be in one place and in their own country. Many tourists are expected to come to the Museum. Entry for Egyptians will cost LE60.

What is the importance of the museum?

Ancient Egypt was an important part of history. The Egyptians had many inventions and great riches and Egypt was a powerful nation for thousands of years. The history of Ancient Egypt is an important part of Egyptian culture and the museum will allow many Egyptians to learn and see parts of their history for the first time. The tomb was discovered by British explorers and many items were taken out of Egypt. The return of the items together to Egypt at the same time is particularly significant.

The Museum’s opening has been delayed by a long time until 2021. However, its contents can be seen online. The Museum has created virtual tours through which its contents can be viewed. Anyone with an internet connection and a device that can access the internet will be able to watch these tours.



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