Auditory Learning: Learning with your Ears

Learning is a never-ending process. Especially at school and university, there is a lot of content to learn. Therefore, studying for a test can be very exhausting. By understanding how we learn best, we can make it easier for ourselves to remember information.
The teacher Neil Fleming distinguishes between three different learning styles: there are visual,  auditory, and kinesthetic learners. You can read more about them here: This article is about ‘auditory learning.’


Auditory learners learn through listening. They remember information best when it is spoken out loud. Both listening to the information and speaking about it helps them. Hence, auditory learners learn best through discussions, listening to talks, and preparing presentations.


Here are five tips to learn best if you are an auditory learner:
1. Study in groups: Find someone you can study with. Quiz each other on the content and talk about it. The groups should be small, about two to six people. This way, everyone can say something.
2. Record lectures: If you have the permission, record classes and lectures. You can listen back to it later and then take notes. This allows you to focus on listening during the lecture.
3. Record yourself reading your notes out loud: Listen to the recording as often as possible. It feels like you are giving a presentation to yourself. You can do this anywhere: on your way to school, when you exercise, or when you are cooking.
4. Repeat information with eyes closed: After you listened to your recording, repeat the information. You will realize how much you already remember and at the same time you hear it another time.
5. Read your assignment out loud: When you have to read a long text, do not read it silently. Go into a room where you do not distract others and read it out loud. You can also use funny voices for different paragraphs.

Whatever method you choose, it is good to mix them up and combine them. Try out what works best for you.


Throughout our life, we have to constantly remember new information. Knowing how we do this best, can save time. Learning does not stop after school and university. If we know how to do it best, we can take advantage of all our opportunities.



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