Communicating in business: presentation skills

There are many situations in the business world where you need to present. You might have to pitch your product to potential customers, present an idea to your employer or colleagues, or represent your business at an event. In this article we outline three tips for a great presentation.


When you are presenting it is important that your listener remembers the key points you want to put across. Before you speak to customers, colleagues or your employer, try to come up with a one-sentence summary of the idea you want to put across.

For example, if you were giving a presentation about your clothes business, you might say: “Our company uses sustainable fabrics and hand painted designs to create unique clothes.”

Try to think about the one thing that you want the audience to remember from your conversation and communicate that in one short, snappy slogan that you can repeat throughout the presentation.


Before you give any presentation, even if it is just to a few people, you need to think about who you are speaking to.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • How much do the audience know about this topic?
  • What will appeal most to the audience?

For example, if you are presenting a technical product to a group of non-experts you may consider putting extra time into explaining how it works.

Tailor your talk to their knowledge level and interests.


People need to be able to understand your points if your presentation is going to be successful. You need to make it very clear how you have structured your speech to avoid this confusion.

Begin by writing down the three main things you want to get across and make sure you are clear about when you are transitioning from one point to the next by using phrases like:

  • I have three points to make today: a, b, and c.
  • Firstly and most importantly…
  • This brings me onto the second point…
  • The final thing I am going to speak about is…


Especially if you are giving a nerve-wracking presentation, it can be easy to speak very quickly or quietly making it hard for your audience to hear you. Even if you do not have long to speak, it is better to say less, but to say it well.

Try practicing your presentation with a friend or colleague and asking them if you need to slow down or speak up.

If you have prompts, try writing on them to speak louder and slow down so that you remember these things.

Applying these tips to your presentations will make a big difference to your business!



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