What makes good governance? #3: Infrastructure provides people with what they need


Governance is about the actions of those who have power. Sometimes these actions can be good and sometimes they can cause harm.

People can decide for themselves what makes good or bad governance by judging the actions of those with power. Those with power can be anyone from those in government to business owners. One of the ways to judge those with power is to see what they provide for people. By looking at what is good or bad about what is provided for people, we can see what is missing that might help the lives of others. From looking at what is missing people can create new ideas to solve problems. These ideas may lead to new business plans. These businesses will help communities and increase income.

Below is just one-way people can judge what makes good or bad governance. Think about what other ways you could use.


Governance can be good if there is lots of infrastructure provided for people. Infrastructure means the physical or organizational structures in a country that help people. Below are some examples of infrastructure that governments can provide and also new ideas about how these can be provided for people. Depending on how much infrastructure people have, you can judge whether they have good or bad governance.


Businesses need roads if they are to attract tourists or visitors. Schools and hospitals need good roads if they to care for people well. Roads are a part of infrastructure that can be provided by governments and businesses. Roads are also a big part of growing the amount of transport available in a given area. Transport is important in getting people to jobs, school or hospitals but it is also important in getting goods from businesses to places where people can buy them. Roads are therefore very important to growing businesses.


Education is important to creating more jobs and therefore wealth in an area. Schools can be provided by governments to increase the number of children in education. Schools can be provided for free by the government. Tanzania made a very important decision to make primary and secondary school education free for every child in 2015. This decision will hugely improve the number of children who are schooled. This, in turn, will then help improve innovation in business, technology and many more areas in Tanzania. This is a step towards improving what those with governance can offer to people.


People need doctors and nurses to cure them. Without hospitals people are less likely to get better when they are sick and mortality rates will be higher. High numbers of people dying stops growth in money and business. Sub-Saharan Africa has had some positive growth in health services in the past two decades. Raising the number of hospitals available in countries will allow this growth to continue.


Electricity helps power businesses, schools and hospitals. Electricity helps power telephone lines and communication. Electricity is very important in helping people complete work since it is only through electricity that a lot of appliances in businesses can be operated.

There are many new ways to get electricity into rural areas. New business models for providing electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa are being created every year. Some companies rent out a “solar home system”. This provides a family with the equipment needed to set up a small solar power system to use the sun to power lights and mobile phone chargers. Families can then use their mobile phones to pay the company every week or month.

Power is also important to provide internet to people. The internet allows businesses to find people who can buy their products and can also help spread news across countries. By providing the power people can then find ways to improve infrastructure more and more.

New ideas about infrastructure are really important for countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to keep growth going. All this infrastructure improves the lives of people.


Thinking about infrastructure is a good way to create new business ideas and to look at governance. However, it is not the only way to look at it. Some people look at governance through lots of different ways to get the best picture of what it is and how it works.




  1. busabusamoze 6 years ago July 4, 2017

    It has the characteristics of good information

  2. Sanusi 6 years ago July 7, 2017

    Yes Infrastructure is the only way to deal with poverty in our societies but as for me our politicians in Africa are just making endless promises to their people without fulfilment really African leaders are the cause of their continent

  3. omar souloum 6 years ago September 1, 2017

    It’s an important topic but I sow that you’re talking about infrastructure but for infrastructure is the way of building and roads but how it can be in the way of education or health??


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