How to find an interesting subject for your photography

Sometimes it takes a while to find out what it is that interests you the most and what you enjoy photographing. You can start by looking around you. Start in your community. Look at the things you see every day. Try to look at it with a different angle – bend your knees or step on your toes to get a different view.

You can try and start taking pictures of the food you are eating. Or take pictures of the buildings around you. Take a nice portrait of your family members or capture a photo of your animals. Go to your local market and get some inspiration. Remember when you take photos of strangers to be polite and not to compromise people.

Go out and look at the landscape and nature around you. When you have cultural festivals or gatherings in your community you can go out and take pictures. This is a great way to learn photography with so many different subjects to photograph at one place and practice your skills.

Every time when you are taking a photo, you should ask yourself a few questions:

Is this picture worth taking? Don’t just photograph anything that comes along. Think about the photo for a moment. Is there a story I want to tell? Or is this just a moment I want to capture?

When taking the picture, ask yourself if the viewer gets drawn to the the scene that is shown on the photo. Did you find an interesting angle, a strong composition or a memorable moment?

Street Photography in Accra, Ghana on September 8th, 2016. Copyright: Christina Czybik

I saw this man working at a market for handcraft in Accra, Ghana. I asked for permission to take his photo and bent my knees to get a better perspective. To show that he was working on wooden elephants, I chose to include one in the frame that was already standing there. This is about composition. Look around you, what is already there and compose your photo to tell the viewer what situation you photographed.

Street Photography Ghana on August 31, 2016. Copyright: Christina Czybik

While walking through the streets in Ghana, I saw some kids playing with the football. Even though I cropped out the kid’s face, you have the whole silhouette of the child playing football through his shadow. It is a nice moment of street photography that you can find in your community.

Street Photography in Hohoe, Ghana on September 6th, 2016. Copyright: Christina Czybik

This is a still life picture of snails that I saw on a market in Hohe, Ghana. This is something that you might see everyday, but did you ever thought about taking a picture of it?

Garden of the Sleeping Giant in Nadi, Viti Levu, Fiji on June 21, 2014. Copyright: Christina Czybik
copyright: Christina Czybik

Or how about just photograph a pretty flower?

Day 1 of the Agbogboza Festival in Notse, Togo on September 1st, 2016. Copyright: Christina Czybik

This is the Ewe monument in Notse, Togo. Of course you can just take a picture of the entire monument, but you can also try and take ‘the other’ picture. I chose to fill the frame with the monument and show the split where you can look all the way up the street. And having someone driving on the motorbike towards it, makes a nice little scene.

Day 3 of the Agbogboza Festival in Notse, Togo on September 3rd, 2016. Copyright: Christina Czybik

I took this photo of a Dancer during the Agbogboza Festival in Notse, Togo. He is the main element in the picture and the viewer has direct eye contact with him. By positioning him on the left side of the picture, I was able to show more of the surrounding scene to explain, where he is.



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