Fashion and style in Muslim womenswear

When it comes to Muslim women, there are religious rules on how they can dress, but this does not mean that they cannot look good. Islam is the second largest religion in Africa so it is important to consider how Islam impacts the lives of its African followers. Not only from a religious perspective, but what Islam means for the way that women express themselves.


Islam teaches the importance of modesty and honour, which involves the way that Muslims dress. Not all Muslim women wear a hijab, it depends on how Muslim women want to express their faith. ‘Hijab’ means to ‘cover’ but there are different ways that a Muslim woman can cover herself. A hijab in general just covers the hair, but the niqab and the burka cover the face as well.


The African way to put on a hijab is a turban style, that is easily achievable in a couple of minutes. There are different styles that can be achieved for different occasions. The internet has many resources for young women to learn how to style their hijab like video tutorials. The scarf used for the hijab can be plain and simple, or very bright and colourful. Naballah Chi is a great example of how to wear your hijab. Her blog is full of interesting tips for how to dress up or dress down your hijab. Being covered does mean that your style has to be boring, or that you cannot have fun with what you were.

  • You can wear your hijab with accessories such as rings that can be used to tie your headscarf together.
  • Earrings are still an option although your hair is covered, this is more easily achieved when wearing a turban style hijab.
  • In hot and humid weather, the hijab can be worn in a loose and breezy style. A light coloured cotton scarf is best for keeping your head cool in warm weather.

There are different ideas of what it means to be a Hijabi. Many people assume that wearing a hijab means that you cannot have fun with fashion. It offers a new standard of beauty that does not require exposure. The power of clothes is that you can express your personality no matter where you are from and how old you are.



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