Why we should reuse, recycle and reduce plastic bottles


Plastic bottles are often sold to people who want drinking water or soda. Having clean water is good for your health, but throwing plastic bottles away can lead to many problems. Plastic as a material does not decompose easily. This means that plastic cannot decay like wood or food. If left outside, plastic will not break down into the ground and will remain wherever we leave it.

This causes problems for the world around us and has a negative effect on many lives. Plastic can cover the ground and block drainage systems. Blocking drainage systems means that waste and water cannot run away from homes and businesses. Without these important drainage systems, businesses will become hard to visit and this will have a negative impact on the money a business owner makes.

Plastic bottles also cover the ground, making it look unappealing to tourists. By making sure bottles are used in a better way, businesses can improve the money they make through tourism. Clearing plastic bottles from the ground will make tourists more likely to visit businesses again and if there are more visitors, businesses will make more money.

There are many ways people are recycling and using plastic bottles in a way that helps them and their businesses.


Many people are coming up with new and important ideas about using plastic bottles that are no longer used to hold water. Plastic bottles are generally good for holding materials. Plastic bottles can be used as containers to hold materials needed in the house, but they should be cleaned first.

Plastic bottles can also be used for bigger structures. They are easily cut into shapes with scissors or knives and are very strong. In Uganda there have be growing amounts of plastic bottles left on the ground. These bottles blocked drainage systems.

To solve this problem, in one village, women are using plastic bottles to make reserves for collecting rainwater. These women are gathering and tying bottles together to make a large bucket. That means rainwater can be collected. Because the large bucket is made of plastic, the water will remain clean and will not seep into the ground. This water that is collected can then be used for things like farming. All water that is collected should still be treated to make it safe. Structures that collect rainwater should not be used in high temperatures.

Plastic bottles can also be cut and shaped into furniture. Chairs to sit on and tables can all be made by tying together plastic bottles. Plastic bottles can also be used to reinforce roofs from rain. Creating furniture out of bottles is cheap meaning you save money to buy other things.

Remember: plastic bottles should be kept out of high levels of heat. Plastic can melt and release very harmful chemicals. Please keep bottles out of direct sunlight. If you find a plastic bottle that has been left in the direct sunlight for a long time, then this should not be used to hold food or water.

Creating new objects out of bottles that are no longer used can itself turn into a business. People can sell the objects they make out of recycled materials which increases their income. These objects will also be useful to lots of people and can also improve their lives as well.


Because plastic bottles do not break down like wood or food, there are actions people can take to stop them from becoming a problem in the future. With the growing use of plastics, it is important that everyone encourages businesses to use materials that do not disrupt the environment. Not disrupting the environment means animals are not harmed by eating plastics. A clean environment is good for tourism and therefore good for all businesses.




  1. TSY LAVINA Nomenjanahary Silver 4 years ago May 9, 2017

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  2. Wilson T. Caryahway 4 years ago May 13, 2017

    All that you have are great ideas for waste management and soil cleaning. But I am thinking of launching a cleaning up campaign against plastic and metal wastes in my country Liberia, I am deeply concerned about the Recycling aspect of this. Here in Liberia there’s no recycling company that could absorb those wastes. Three days ago a drainage on one of the major St in downtown Monrovia was block and run off water stays longer to get away. The on this St entrance wasn’t pleasing. So they clear the drainage with tons of plastic materials been removed. The thing is what do we do then. Those of who cares.

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