Light Up Your Home for Free With The Water Lamp


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There are so many houses in the world which do not get enough sunlight in the house. As a result, even during the daytime, it is dark inside. Therefore people have to use electricity and turn on the lights or depend on candles and kerosene lamps to illuminate their homes.
But now, there is a great way to light up dark areas in your home during daytime without spending a penny. The “Water Lamp” – a plastic water bottle stuck in the roof—can light up your home!
Fancy making your own “Water Lamp” and lighting up your home for free? Then, here is how to do it…
Construction of this device is quite simple.
Step 1: Fill a clean two litre plastic bottle with water. The cleaner the bottle, the better.
Step 2: Add two cap-fulls of bleach to the water and close the bottle with its cap. For the “Water Lamp” to work efficiently, the bottle should be clean and the water should be clear. Bleach prevents the growth of germs (bacteria and algae) which could give a colour to water. Therefore bleach is added to keep the water clear and clean for years to come.
Step 3: Cut a hole in the roof and press the bottle half way into the hole (half outside, half inside). Then, seal off the gap between the hole and the bottle with polyester resin to make waterproof. This prevents rain from seeping in to the house. (Even when it rains, the roof never leaks – not one drop.)
….and that is it!
Now, sit back, relax and let the sunlight do the rest of the work!
You can install your own “Water Lamp” in less than an hour and it lasts for five years.
This is a pretty cool concept and here’s how it works….
Sunlight falls on the exposed surface of the water bottle. The sunlight bends when it goes through the water bottle and spreads across the whole room, giving you enough light to see everything.
And finally, there is a “Take-Home” Idea for you…
This great invention of the “Water Lamp” was made by a Brazilian mechanic Alfredo Moser. It is also called the ‘Moser Lamp’. He came up with this simple idea to light up his house during daytime in the midst of one of the country’s frequent electricity blackouts in 2002. Once Moser figured out the magic recipe for the “Water Lamp”, he placed the lamps in his neighbour’s home and his town’s supermarket. This way, the idea of “Water Lamp” attracted attention and started to spread by word of mouth. After 13 years, Alfredo Moser’s invention is lighting up millions of homes around the world, for free!
A simple idea has the potential to bring enormous impacts to local living conditions, the economy and the environment. Tomorrow it could be your idea brightening up this world!
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  1. Hamzat Abdulrahman 6 years ago September 7, 2016

    Fantastic idea


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