Why the Law is Important for a Community



By a thorough look into history, one notices a pattern forming. This pattern dictates how human beings evolved, themselves and their surroundings, in order to lead a better life. A better life which allowed them to: learn from their mistakes; discover the effects of behaviour; and become an example for others around them. It is human nature to learn from people around them; when someone is of a good behaviour, everyone appreciates him/her and encourages others to be like them. Law is that system which defines and regulates good behaviour and encourages everyone to follow it. Throughout history, several laws have been made to make sure that everyone knows how to lead a good life; these laws can be found in every day practice, religion, books and nature.
It is in the interest of the general public and people that everyone should behave properly and be good to one another. This protects everyone from any wrong that might be done to them or has been done from them. But, unfortunately, when a person is victim to a wrong that has been committed against them, they always look up to something or someone who can provide them justice and punish the person who has done them wrong. That is where law steps in and regulates the matter for the greater good of society and people.
The Law does not exist as a tangible entity. Rather there exist bodies and officers of law which ensure that the law is observed and enforced everywhere. These include courts, police officers, lawyers, judges, government servants and administers. These entities make sure that everyone follows the law and everyone is protected from harm that might result from the wrongs committed by people who do not follow the law.
At this day and age there are laws which govern almost every sort of behaviour, act and conduct. These laws have been formed because people have been victim to wrong doings by other people. The enforcers of these laws recognize the importance of protecting the rights of good people and make sure that the disobeyers of law are punished against. The main objective of law is to provide justice to those who have had wrong done to them.
There are different types of laws which govern different aspects of life, nature, crime and many others. The laws of nature describe the patterns of how nature functions and its dynamics; by virtue of these laws man has been able to explore the extents of the world. These laws allowed man to learn how to fly; taught man the possibilities created by science and countless other inventions were made due to the patterns that nature followed. The laws of crime encourage people to not commit wrongs which might bring harm to others: such as murder, rape and other offences. Every type of law, created by whoever, serves some sort of purpose and is attached by different sort of consequences if it is not followed.
Any action committed by a person has some sort of result; these results might be good or bad. In certain situations, the bad results cause harm to another person. In the eyes of the law everyone is the same and everyone should be protected. Therefore, if someone has been the victim to any wrong doing they can look up to the law which will always provide them with protection that they need and will bring justice to those people who disobey it.
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