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Mory Kanté and the Griot tradition

Mory Kanté, a Guinean singer, songwriter and musician, sadly passed away on the 22nd May 2020. His most successful song, ‘Yéké Yéké’, was the first African single to sell over a million copies. The themes and style of his music were inspired by the griot tradition. In this article, we

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Urban Art: transforming the cities of Africa

Many artists find that urban art is a great way to express themselves while improving the appearance of their local area. In some African cities, urban art has become a key part of the city landscape, and has even become a tourist attraction.  WHAT IS URBAN ART? Urban art includes

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Martial arts: self-defence and cultural heritage

Many people find that martial arts can help them in their mental and physical development. In many cultures, they play an important role in the celebration of cultural heritage. In Africa, many martial arts are hundreds, or even thousands of years old, and continue to be popular today. In some

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