Coral Reef Restoration

What are coral reefs and why are they important? Coral are a type of marine animal that stay in the same place for their whole lives. They have a hard skeleton surrounding them and can sometimes resemble rocks. Coral reefs are made of massive groups of many types of coral.

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Meet The Women Saving Africa’s Wildlife

(Listen to this article on the Sky Alpha Breakfast Show) Kelly Lyee Chigumbura was 20 years old when she was recruited as a wildlife ranger to protect and patrol the nearby Phundundu Wildlife Park in Zimbabwe. The park itself is a 115 square mile former trophy hunting region that contains

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Madagascar’s Presidential Elections And What They Mean For Democracy in Africa

The Madagascan presidential elections have been surrounded with controversy, mainly due to financial issues, gender inequality and claims of corruption. Presidential elections themselves are significant in helping to create a stable democracy, which surveys show many African citizens would prefer over other political alternatives. There are parallels between the problems

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