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Seed Keepers

Seed Keepers’: the Women of Guinea-Bissau’

Introduction Guinea-Bissau, a small West African country, and its islands have faced environmental challenges, which have had a significant impact on its communities and resources. However, women in the country have played a critical role in preserving creole plant seeds and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Women’s Role in Guinea-Bissau Ilha

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African Union

African Union Holds Seminar on ‘Silencing the Guns in Africa’ Through Art

On the 13th of December 2021, the Department of Political Affairs, Peace, and Security of the African Union began a high-level seminar, in which more than forty African artists from five sub-regions were invited to discuss strategies for raising public awareness for peaceful conflict resolution under the ‘Silencing the Guns’

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Africa's Fashion


The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of any society are in constant flux. Nowadays, concerning the diversification of gender identities, cultural and societal change is not only necessary but also inevitable. In Africa, cultural change based on the deconstruction of gender norms has adopted a new manifestation; fashion. African clothing

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