We would always be sick and even dead if the body naturally did not have ways to detoxify itself from all the substances we drink, eat, breathe, and even rub. It is worrisome how we neglect healthy living, hoping to use shortcuts to correct poor dieting behaviours. If we now take detoxification pills to clean our systems of impurities, what role do the kidney, liver, lungs, and other detoxification organs play in the body? This article will reveal four detox organs and how we can assist the detoxification process instead of doing it for them. 

The Liver

It converts foods into energy, purifies blood, and breaks down nutrients and the chemicals the body carries. To help the liver function properly, watch your intake of alcohol, weight (obesity) and added sugars, and consume healthy foods; especially those that contain glutathione which helps in tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body.

The Kidneys 

They help filter toxins from the blood into the urine. Thus, consuming substances such as salt/sodium, caffeine, sodas, and added sugars may cause complications such as diabetes, kidney stones, and chronic infections of the urinary tract, which damage the kidney and deter their detoxification process. To keep the kidneys healthy and facilitate their detoxification process, drink lots of water, and eat green veggies.

The Lungs

It filters incoming air during respiration preventing toxic air such as carbon dioxide from entering the blood. To help your lungs function properly, do breathing exercises and consider eating spicy/peppery and slippery foods such as okra. 


The Skin

It facilitates the release of liquid waste through sweat. While sweating helps reduce toxins from one’s body, sweating too can lead to very dangerous dehydration. It is important to drink lots of water to balance the loss. Physical exercise will help the skin detoxify better likewise salt baths.


While this is not an exhaustive list of human organs that carry out the detoxification processes in the human body, pills are not one of those detoxifiers, as they rather bring in more toxins which may cause damage to the natural body detoxifiers. Thus, there is a need for us to stand away from any substances which may cause more harm than good to the body’s organs like the kidney, lungs, liver, skin, colon, and others.  


Marbel Ewang


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