Finding a Job Versus Building a Legacy

Finding a Job versus Building a Legacy


Which is better: working a nine-to-five or building a legacy for your offspring? This is a very important question, especially now when we see high unemployment and an unstable economy. The time you spend working towards retirement versus what you could have achieved if you used that time to build something for your offspring – which would be worth it?

The Challenges

Often, the easy way out is to look for a job and work towards your pension fund. However, is it practical? On the one hand, a pension fund could come in handy, but it is not sustainable in the long-term, whereas on the other hand, we have the challenging task of building something from the ground up. It demands hard work and dedication, but it can sustain you for generations if done right. Let’s weigh these options.

Contemplating Your Decision

It is daunting to think your offspring will have to work for someone else as you did and have nothing to hand down to their kids, just as you had nothing for them. However, it is equally terrifying to build a legacy because it is a heavy responsibility to ensure that the next generation has a foundation to build upon. Accomplishing this is no easy feat; it requires a patient and strong individual.

The Reality

Life has a variety of challenges and unforeseen obstacles, especially when it comes to careers. More often than not, people choose to put their dreams on hold because of the situations they find themselves in. For instance, they may have a newborn to take care of or face family pressures, just to name a few. Other times, it is a lack of knowledge and trust in oneself.


It is not for anyone to choose or dictate which path you follow. Know your strengths and weaknesses and understand what you can handle. Then, make an informed decision to either work or build. However, beware – you must consider everything, including whether your decision to find a job is short-term or not. Explore your talents and capabilities as well. Exhaust your options before settling on one definite path.

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