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Turning our differences into strengths for a better Africa


The idea that all Africans will look in the same direction when faced with the continent’s existential questions, or that African heads of state will put in place a single policy, is nothing more than a utopian fantasy. It merely demonstrates a lack of rationality, because reality is stubborn and energetic. Did you know that reality itself is subjective? In fact, our brains construct our aspirations as a function of education and knowledge based on our environment. In the following lines, we will see how this experience affects our social interactions and understand how to make our differences a strength. 


How to find strength in our differences 

Each of us has a tendency to project our aspirations in life onto Africa, but in reality we are only a sample of the popular masses. For a thought to be great enough, it must be based on enormous strength to apply to everyone. Unfortunately, our thoughts are uniquely our own and do not enter into the line of sight of the next person. This can lead to conflict in our social interactions, as we often expect others to act in the same way as we do. All experiences are processed in different ways. They need to be put to the test. This is the best way to train them to learn about our differences and analyse our weaknesses.


Here are a few examples of personal strengths that can help us overcome our differences



This strength implies that the person is capable of accepting new possibilities, new opinions and new truths. It is the opposite of a “closed mind”. The principle? To accept and respect the ideas and opinions of others, while never being certain of anything! Open-mindedness leads to greater creativity, better personal resources and a broader capacity to understand others. It means being prepared to listen to different people, accepting and respecting their ideas and points of view, even if they differ from our own. It means respecting the freedom of others, their different attitudes and showing kindness.



Impartiality is linked to the concept of justice and implies being able to put aside our opinions, judgements and emotions in order to work together. Just as the members of a crew on a boat stay the course while being open to the possibilities that present themselves, impartiality requires us to face up to adverse elements while remaining open and flexible in the face of possibilities. This leads to solid support for a vision underpinned by clear values, so that our vision is dynamic and evolves together over time. 



This force invites us to learn, to want to see and try new options, to break away from routine and the established. Curiosity gives us wings and carries us towards human nature, which we aspire to know even in its contradictions. Curiosity means paying close attention to people. Not content to passively endure the phenomena of the world, but seeking to understand its causes. By adopting this attitude, each person will seek to enter the world of the other and thus draw from their weaknesses a knowledge that can be put to good use in Africa. 



Love as a force implies giving and receiving affection and also having love for others beyond differences. Respect for the personality of others will grow, the art of reckoning with the rights of others will be perfected, reciprocal sensitivity will grow and at the same time the tendency to manifest love not only in kisses and embraces, but also in unity of action and will in the common creation will develop. So what we have to do beyond our weaknesses is always quite simple and always obvious as soon as we have the courage of love.



Perseverance is in fact the most important factor in achieving this goal, which implies that we are capable of persevering and fighting for what we want, whatever adversity we face. Perseverance allows you to finish what you set out to do and not leave things undone; perseverance gives you the strength to keep going against all the odds. No matter how different you are or how long it takes you to achieve it, if determination prevails, then the dream of a better Africa will become a reality.

We see the world through a filter, and the world does the same to us. We have our own unique experiences and so we create a perceptual map of this reality. This map is only correct for us. For everyone else, it’s just an estimate. We are different in our abilities, tastes, personalities and characters. But just as in a team, every difference counts. Accepting that others are different gives us the opportunity to optimise and strengthen our bonds. This is how a well-known quote will come true: “Even with different abilities, there is strength in unity”. Knowing the aspirations and differences of each person is important for a unique vision of a better Africa.  


The solution to the problem of a single vision of Africa is both simple and complex: we should try to go beyond our differences. Of course, Africa is a continent full of differences. But there is an enormous amount of history that binds us and calls on us to unite, and it is very important, and just as important, to talk about it. Getting out in front of problems, without waiting for them to arise, is a real signal. A handful of really committed people can achieve positive results for everyone.


Kodjo Agbehonou


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