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The first year of marriage is usually the most critical one that determines how long the union between these two couples will last. When two people come together in holy matrimony, pictures of the wedding begin to fade away, and they start fitting themselves into the realities of marriage where changes and adjustments are made so that both partners adapt to their new roles as husband and wife. 

Unfortunately, most newlyweds underestimate this year when they have to learn how to live with one another which may lead to frustrating and stressful situations and eventually result in arguments. Here are 5 topics newlyweds will fight over within their first year of marriage.

1. Finances and spending habits. Even outside the umbrella of marriage, money is one of the reasons many broken relationships exist, and marriage is not any different. When you are married as when you were still single. There is a need for couples to do a lot of budgeting regarding what to and not to purchase at a given time. 

Regarding spending habits, one couple may like spending much on clothing while it is the reverse for the other. This will spark a fight between the couples. To minimize these fights, the couple should communicate and develop a budgeting plan and put it in writing so that, when arguments arise around the topic, they can easily refer to the plan and remind themselves why they had it written in the first place. 

2. Inadequate communication. Irrespective of what the problem may be, couples should prioritize communicating with each other and not talking to each other. Because you have been dating for a long time does not mean your partner should have known everything about you thus; couples should avoid assumptions and seek understanding when faced with a doubtful situation.

3. The in-laws. Many newlyweds find themselves in complicated relationships with their in-laws especially if they tend to meddle a lot in their marriage and it becomes worse if they have to live with them. Whether or not you have a good relationship with your in-laws, you must discuss how much they can meddle in your marital life and set boundaries for their unannounced visits and the duration of their stay. 

4. Couples’ time together (attention). All marriages become more challenging when children start coming into the picture. While you work to see that their future is secure, do not be lost that you forget the needs of one another. From time to time, create space for just the two of you to reconnect so that no couple starts to feel that they are living with a stranger or are still trying to know the person they married.  


Although one can never be too careful, knowing possible situations that can shake the foundation your union is built on could help mitigate their occurrences.

Marbel Ewang


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