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What a satisfying point in life when one completes his or her high school diploma! Freedom is so liberating that one is overcome with all sorts of emotions that cannot be described single-handedly. It is a good thing, but like a coin, there are always two sides to every situation. A  life-changing moment like this one needs to be faced with caution and, at the same time, presents itself with independence that demands one to be responsible for one’s own life.

Tips on how to survive the outside world

There are several ways to minimize boredom during this period or utilize the time between this transition from high school to tertiary level, as discussed below.

  • Explore your talents, hobbies, and interests. This would be a perfect time to know what you are good at. If you are fully knowledgeable of your capabilities through the technical subjects undertaken in high school, this would be the time to  perfect them. One can even generate an income even before you reach your 20s, which could  lead to building an empire for yourself.


  • Become a volunteer. You may be good at a subject or a skill. This is the time to give back to society and realise that people out here need each other to progress while you start to develop your work life ethics. There is no better feeling when you lend a hand out of your own free will to make someone else’s life better or plant a smile on a face.


  • Equip yourself with new skills. This may be by registering and attending computer classes or soft skills such as time management, communication, and stress management. For a typical example, at the tertiary level, most learners are expected to know how to use a laptop or computer, as you will be required to submit your assignments and projects online. Additionally,  taking up driving lessons may be the icing on the cake.


  • Attend vocational camps. Many are usually organized by religious groups, schools, and communities to engage young minds like yours. Taking advantage of events such as these gives birth to friendships with people sharing similar interests as you.




With independence comes an unknown fear, which we may find difficult to approach in the first phase. However, with the right guidance and activities to occupy us, we may be able to handle it dutifully. It is all about gaining new skills, exploring ones that we find interesting, and establishing fruitful networks. 


Laura Joy Atieno


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