Parent-Children's Bond


Bonding is a relationship that usually begins at the time of birth between Parents and offspring that establishes ongoing mutual attachment. Parents need to know that the brain development of infants and their social, emotional, and cognitive development depends on a bond between a child and parent.  Emotional security theorists suggest that parental processes such as warmth and security are important in organizing a child’s emotional experiences and psychological well-being. 

Creating a Strong Bond with Children in the Early Formative Years:

Ensuring children grow and develop into mature, responsible adults remains a task parents, and indeed society needs to be more intentional about it.

Treat your child as a priority

Parents or guidance need to be available when a child requests their attention. Sometimes parents neglect their children’s concerns when busy with work and societal demands, a trend that undoubtedly needs to be checked. How you treat your child will determine how far the bond will be developed and, eventually how the child’s growth would be.

As much as possible, turn off gadgets when you are together

Make sure that whenever you are with your child, the relationship between you both is valued. Try to develop a friendly bond in this, as you must ensure that your child believes you’re his best friend and won’t leave them no matter what. When you adopt this kind of activity, you will develop a friendly bond with your child and become closer to them.

Be a role model to them

You should ensure that you show a child an upbeat personality from the beginning; for instance, when a child recognizes your character and sound qualities, s/he will count you as a role model, and there are high chances that your child will get attracted to you.

Have a healthy relationship with your child 

Parenting doesn’t begin from the time you talk to the child, and When they understand things, it starts when the child is born. When you have a good relationship with your partner, the child will also get attracted to you.

Get involved in the hobby of your child

When we come to know what our kids love and like, we can build on it and have fan; for instance, when he loves football, you can play together. This will help you to have an excellent healthy bond with your child.


When we have all these as turning points towards developing bonds with our children, we are likely to have highly esteemed adolescents that will contribute to our family goals and the development of society.

Nickolas Ndamira


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