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Digital Tools: The Google Meet in Nigeria

The way we live and interact with one another has dramatically improved as a result of technological advancements. Distance is no longer an impediment to worldwide communication, whether for business or casual calls. With so many digital platforms at our disposal, the possibilities are boundless. The use of digital tools like Google Meet has also made it simpler to share knowledge without being physically present in a particular area. The informal education business in Nigeria has been employing a variety of digital platforms to pass on digital skills to youth eager to make their lives better and break new ground in technology and other fields. 

Google Meet is a video digital communication platform developed by Google, suitable for meetings, conferences, online teaching, and learning. It can be accessed using any current web browser or downloading the application from Play Store. Anyone with a Google account can access a free online meeting platform with up to 100 people for 60 minutes per meeting at no cost.

Moreover, Google Meet is a user-friendly platform with enhanced features and many benefits. It facilitates meetings of up to 500 internal or external participants, and live streaming to up to 100,000 viewers within a domain is available to schools and other organisations. 

The benefits of using Google Meet include: 

  • Creation of an unlimited number of meetings.
  • Live captions with Google’s automated speech recognition technology and compatibility across any device, video and audio preview screen. 
  • Screen sharing with participants, messaging with meeting participants in real-time and controls for meeting hosts by having total control over your meeting.
  •  Flexible layouts and screen settings etc.
  • It is highly secured, easy to use and offers free access to educational resources from Google.
  • It increases digital skill levels among the Youth.

In conclusion, Google Meet has facilitated teaching and learning in Nigeria regarding virtual interaction and access to education and information through knowledge sharing on the digital platform. This helps close the educational gap and addresses other teaching and learning issues. Google Meet’s low cost and extensive capabilities make it an excellent digital tool for sharing knowledge and reaching a larger audience in real-time. Teaching and learning are just a click away.


Peter Nyibangs Sulisumen


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