Tertiary education


The Education system has been designed to produce citizens with radical minds for society. It imparts the educator the necessary knowledge, skills and experiences with the appropriate resources to make radical decisions and ideas. 

The Education system has a crucial role and impact on National Development, and it is to be seen as an instrument par excellence to achieve National objectives.

Lobbying in Nigeria’s education sector has done more harm and no good to the industry and the intellectual banks of the nation at large.

The Education system should be a different sector that has no involvement in politics in some cases. It is glaring how political influence in the tertiary education sector has affected the nation. Students from wealthy homes are favoured to study professional courses they do not qualify for due to their parents’ economic power and social status. 

This is discouraging to several students who come from humble backgrounds with a high level of intellectuality. Some settle for courses they never opted to learn because their dream courses have been given to affluent students. This is purely survival of the fitters.


  • Lobbying in the education system has made the country record many half-baked graduates that are not independent in their minds, soul and body. They tend to be confused after their undergraduate degree because they never got prepared for what they studied. 
  • The objectives and goals of education are not achieved. Some influential personnel under the umbrella of government do impose their candidates on some Universities, colleges of education or Polytechnics. Their candidates must be admitted even when they don’t meet the admission requirements.
  • Students become a national liability. They do not teach the rational mind to provide solutions to human needs that are multi-faceted.

Conversely, it is high time for the government and other stakeholders in education to swiftly take action against this menace to have a better nation. National development is unachievable if the instruction to serve as the instrument is weak.


Ridwan Babatunde Tijani


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