The Impact of Corruption on good governance

The Impact of Corruption on Good Governance in Nigeria

As we approach the 2023 general elections in Nigeria, the country is witnessing a myriad of political activities in recent times, one of which is the primary election, also known as the primaries. 

What’s a primary election?

Generally, a primary election is a process of voting in which a political party chooses a candidate from a list of aspirants to represent the same party in an interparty election. This exercise is conducted by the votes of registered party members called delegates. 

There are other primaries, but this is the most popular in Nigeria. Primaries are recently gaining traction in Nigeria and are held at various levels. One of the advantages of this development is its broadening of the organisation, but the most complex type is the indirect primary which turns out to be corruption-ridden.

What makes an indirect primary election the hardest in Nigeria?

An indirect primary election is an indirect exercise where delegates elect a candidate. It is the most complex election in Nigeria because aspirants scramble for the delegates to win them over. They employ monetary inducements to achieve their goals. Other aspirants buy vehicles for delegates to court their favour. The process makes the delegates momentary lords of the rings by its design and lack of political will.

Good governance and its price 

Good governance comes at a great price, the price of sacrifice and the pursuit of the common good. When intending leaders pay their way to position, how do we expect them to be accountable and not corrupt? 

Nigeria, like most African countries, has remained at their lowest ebb in terms of corruption and bad governance. The recent development with the primary election is certainly not the part to curb corruption. Its impacts on good governance will be such that those practices will derail attention from the right things expected to be done. This will lead to the absence of the dividends of democracy in terms of good road networks and employment for the youths, among other amenities.


People should be able to recommend one of their own for political office based on their selfless contributions to the community, not the other way round. Nigeria in particular and Africa, in general, are looking for such selfless people to lead them. 

Soji Ojediran


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