Agriculture is a field of science not limited to farming though some youths see it as only farming. There are a lot of opportunities if an individual desire to venture or work in the agricultural sector along the value chain ranging from input supply, cultivation, management, harvesting, processing, packaging until it gets to the final consumer. But, unfortunately, with this perception, the rate of young farmers is declining while the number of ageing farmers is rather increasing. Therefore, if these points below are considered, the youth will be attracted to the industry at a higher rate.

Branding agriculture jobs and positions as white colour jobs

Though there is gold in the soil, young people in many parts of the world are not interested in this field of work because farmers are not appreciated and underpaid. This raises a major concern about who will carry out tedious tasks in the years ahead. However, if positions held in the sector are branded as the jobs (greener pastures) the youth migrate from rural to urban areas to look for, there will be no need for migration. And the youth will be working with the same zeal as though they are holding the same position in a similar company in another sector just as they desire, and development in the agricultural sector will increase.

Use of current technologies in farming 

The use of current technologies such as greenhouse farming, harvester, drones, automated poultry house, dairy processing equipment, rice hullers, seed drillers, just to mention but a few, makes work easier and faster either on the farm or off the farm. The youth are attracted to this type of farming because they possess the skills and scientific knowledge to operate these types of equipment than the adults who usually work and in turn, boost productivity.

Training and Mentorship

The sector must revise its curriculum and strengthen the agricultural training institutions. This will encourage young people to enroll more to be equipped with the technical know-how. They will obtain skills, knowledge, and experience in agronomic, animal husbandry, entrepreneurship, and managerial skills. Also, they would be able to operate and repair farm machines. Then again, most youths have the desire to solve pending issues relating to agriculture but relax when they are not motivated and have no assistance to proceed further. As a result, they channel the energy into another sector. Agri-agencies and governments should make deliberate efforts to support inputs such as quality and viable seeds, fertilizers, funds, small equipment, etc. also: there should be awarding programs with prizes given to deserving participants.

These will result in deepening the passion of the youth in agriculture. Many young people have a strong desire to work with the agricultural industries, but some are double-minded. Hence if such people are identified earlier and nurtured, this can increase their zeal to do better. With this, they can overcome difficulty through problem-solving rather than complaint. They will tend to be more resilient when they encounter more obstacles

Making farming more lucrative and sexy

When the farming systems are supported to generate more income with little investments, it will help change the perception of young people about farming being unprofitable. And also, “the image of agriculture traditionally being more subsistence from feeding the family. Agriculture should not be seen as a poor man’s business but rather for serious business-minded people. Agriculture will be seen as sexier to the youth when we adopt mechanization and the high investment on the return. The youth will not see farming as too much hard, outmoded tools and with profit.

In conclusion, policies and strategies should be devised to increase productivity in the sector on the part of youths. These strategies can include the increment of salaries of workers especially youth, monthly workers motivation, and acknowledging hardworking workers for promotion. These and more can boost interest in the sector and promote food security.




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