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The World Challenge Club is a revolutionary educational program designed for students without easy access to schooling.

The WCC was created in response to the 2020 corona virus. As the pandemic forced shut downs across the world, many schools in the developed world turned to the internet to facilitate teaching in a safe, socially distanced manner. Schools in the developing world have not always had this option as the development of an independent or national digital teaching infrastructure are beyond their means.

The WCC has tackled this issue, providing accessible learning to those who need it most. Our program focuses on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects and partners with leading employers in these fields to create informative learning modules that focus on practical application.

Using a Virtual Teacher, WCC has created a library of videos that introduce and guide students through the fundamentals of a STEM education. Each module then presents students with a practical challenge to demonstrate their understanding of the module. These challenges include building simple machines and performing experiments using common household items. Students can form school teams and document their results then post these to our centralised platform – Dendrite Connect – and compare results with other teams Finally, these results are evaluated by WCC and its partners and certificates of completion and merit given to successful teams.

The WCC was formed from a partnership between Right for Education, Crystal TV in Ghana and The Learning Partnership in the UK. Sponsors include Amazon Web Services, Rolls Royce and The Over Arup Foundation. Together, we have reached 100M TV viewers across Western Africa, 4.5M more on social media and worked with 1200 teams of contestants.

The WCC’s program is currently being translated into Spanish and French at the requests of the government of Mexico and Canal Plus respectively for deployment on their channels.

With the WCC, education can thrive in even the most difficult circumstances.

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