In Conversation with Michael Beer

Michael Beer works at Siemens Healthineers as Head of Enterprise Services. R:Ed sat down with him to talk about the solutions SIEMENS Healthineers offers to level up the healthcare system worldwide.


Can you please tell us more about what exactly is Siemens Healthineers’ mission?


Siemens Healthineers advises healthcare providers to set up valuable and qualitative solutions in the field of precision medicine, the transformation of the patient experience and its digitalisation. Over 5 millions patients around the world benefit from our innovative technologies ranging from diagnostic and interventional medical imaging to molecular biology. Every hour, around 240,000 patients are in contact with our systems. In a nutshell, we deliver a unique expertise to establish a more affordable healthcare system, everywhere.


Siemens Healthineers offers a wide scope of services. One of them is the Education Plan. Could you please tell us more?


The rise of the healthcare market implies a more qualified workforce. Our clients must be able to hire a personnel  trained to get the right set skills and then use it at the right time. One of the services we offer is indeed the Education Plan. This long-term agreement combines different kinds of disciplines, adapted to the changing needs and comprehension of our clients’ employees. This tailored service sustainably empowers our clients’ company and their staff. Within the Education Plan, most of our online courses and performance experiences are integrated to the PEPconnect platform. The digitalisation we implement through our clients’ patient experience also touches the way we deliver our knowledge in healthcare. The platform provides up to 6,000 learning activities in a personalized learning pathway.


What are the most successful involvements SIEMENS healthineers have reached in Africa?


Throughout the past years, we have worked with public and private agencies and local partners to deliver a better access to cost-effective healthcare in Africa. After we initiated the REACH program, we started to give HIV viral infectious disease management in settings that are too inhospitable due to the lack of access to appropriate healthcare. We continued since then and also increased molecular testing, which is the most effective way to identify variants of the HIV virus. Our program has helped many infected people to get a new life, thanks to the availability of the key elements of HIV care.

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