The emotional effects of periods


posted on: June 16th, 2020

Periods happen to many girls and women every month. This means that they are a big part of female life. However, sometimes they might feel uncomfortable to talk about.


Each woman has a unique experience of her period.

Some women feel the same as normal. Some women feel more tired than usual, some feel sad and some feel angry. These are just some examples of the wide range of possible symptoms. In fact, about 75% of women experience one or more emotional symptoms before or during their period.

If you experience unusual emotions during your period, there is good news: you are not alone.


Periods are caused by two hormones. Two of these are called oestrogen and progesterone. Hormones are chemicals that work like messengers – when they get a signal from your brain, they travel in the blood to bring about physical and emotional changes in the body.

For women, hormones can also cause mood changes when their levels change. This is why women often have mood changes at the same time as their periods.

Sometimes women who experience these mood changes do not know if it is linked to their periods. If this sounds like you, try to notice when you have these mood changes. If this often happens near or during your bleeding, the two things could be linked.


It can help to keep track of your mood changes. Try to remember how you feel during your period, or write it down if you want to. This can help you to find a pattern.

There are a few practical ideas you could try:


If you feel comfortable, you could try talking about your experience. A woman you trust, such as a friend or sister, can offer you support when you feel bad.

Because these feelings are common, this trusted person might understand you. That means you could both help each other to feel less alone.


Periods and their side effects can sometimes be difficult to manage and uncomfortable to talk about for financial or social reasons. It is important to remember that these emotional side effects are normal.

If you find emotional side effects of your periods stressful or difficult to manage, remember that lots of women share your experience. This means that women can support and understand each other when this occurs.

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