How can you report human trafficking?


posted on: June 12th, 2020

Human trafficking is a global problem with millions of victims. Only 1% of these victims are rescued. By reporting an incident you believe is related to human trafficking, you can help to combat this form of modern slavery.


Human traffickers will often try to hide the fact that they are exploiting their victims.

Signs that someone might have been trafficked:

Please also read our article: “What are the signs of human trafficking?” for more details of what to look for.


When you are reporting an incident, it is valuable to mention: a summary of what happened, the type of exploitation, the location of the incident and the identity of the victim. The more information you can provide, the better.

It is almost always best to contact your local law enforcement authorities first. They can provide a quick response and will have an awareness of the local situation. They should be able to provide you and the victim with protection if necessary.

There are other ways you can report this crime. You should report using multiple methods if you can.

STOP THE TRAFFIK has released the STOP APP. It can be downloaded anywhere in the world. It is anonymous (your identity is protected) and confidential (the content of your report is protected).

It can be used to send quick text-based messages or photos or videos. This information is used to inform organisations, enabling more targeted and effective responses. You can also use their website to report.

A number of countries have phone numbers and websites you can use to report a human trafficking incident:

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