Myth: Drinking Methanol can kill Coronavirus 

A myth is circulating that drinking types of alcohol, specifically methanol, can help kill the coronavirus in your body, if you are experiencing symptoms.

This myth is not true. Drinking alcohol will not make symptoms go away. It will not kill the virus. Methanol is a chemical that is found in products such as antifreeze. Although it is a type of alcohol, it is not the same as the type found in alcohol made for drinking. Methanol is toxic.  Drinking methanol often causes dangerous side effects, such as kidney failure, heart problems, and even death. You should never drink methanol.  

Using alcohol-based hand sanitiser to clean your hands, if the alcohol content is above 60%, can be an effective way to get rid of any coronavirus on your hands. This can help stop the virus from spreading. However, if you can’t get hand sanitiser, using soap and water to wash your hands is just as effective. 



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