Young People And COVID-19: Are Young People At Risk?

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It is not only the elderly and those with other medical conditions or weak immune systems who are at risk from [wiki]COVID-19[/wiki] (Coronavirus), the disease caused by the new coronavirus. Even some young adults can be at risk. This further shows that everyone should take precautions against catching and spreading the coronavirus.


In most countries experiencing coronavirus breakouts, only the most seriously ill COVID-19 patients are taken into hospital. In the US, nearly 40% of those seriously ill patients are aged 20-54. And nearly half of people admitted to intensive care units in the US are aged under 65. The elderly are still more likely to die from the virus than these people are, but this shows that the virus still makes young people seriously ill.

COVID-19 can also cause death, even in young people. This week in the UK, two people aged 21 and 28, with no other medical problems, have died from the virus. In Italy, 17 people aged under 40 have died.


Young people, too, can have underlying health conditions which can make COVID-19 affect them more severely. In addition, lots of young people smoke, which can also increase the seriousness of COVID-19, as smoking damages your lungs.

Even if a young person gets COVID-19 but does not become seriously ill, they will still be spreading the virus around to other people. These people could then become seriously ill. Everyone should take precautions to try to make sure they do not catch the virus, in order to save as many lives as possible

Young people should not think that they are not at risk of catching and spreading COVID-19. We should all be worried about the virus.

Marwin Ramos


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