How Giving our Sons Chores can Help the Whole Family

In many cultures, daughters are expected to help at home, but sons are not. Young girls often help with cooking, cleaning, carrying water and caring for their siblings.

A UNICEF study has shown that girls in North Africa aged 5 to 14 spend twice as much time on chores as their brothers. This can take up a lot of time each day. If a young girl doesn’t have time to go to school, this can limit her future chances.

So how is it beneficial for the whole family to ask boys to help with housework too?


It is important for all children to learn how to look after themselves in order to live the best life they can.

If a boy learns how to cook, he will understand how to keep his body nourished and healthy. If he learns how to clean, he will be able to manage living alone or support his wife at home. If he learns how to care for children, he will learn kindness and patience.

Knowing how to cook and clean will help him to become a strong and capable young man. Learning kindness and patience with younger children will help him to raise a happy family.

These skills will shape him into a man who is able to live independently and who will become the best possible husband and father he can be.


Children grow up quickly and we all only get one childhood.

If boys help at home, they can spend more time with their mothers and siblings while they have the chance, learning how to cook and clean.

This time spent together is precious and can make the whole family closer.


Helping out will also help him to understand how hard his mother and sisters work at home. This knowledge teaches him respect for the important women in his life, who help him to succeed. This will also help to form strong bonds and bring the family closer together.

Strong family relationships can last a lifetime and close families can support each other through times of stress, sadness and grief.


Helping at home can help our sons and our daughters at the same time.

It gives boys the chance to learn independence and have healthy, happy relationships. It helps girls to find the time to go to school and get an education.  Having educated sons and daughters can improve everyone’s future prospects.



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