How to make soap – part 3

Making your own soap from basic ingredients is taught in How to Make Soap – Part 1 and How to Make Soap – Part 2.
If making your own soap is too difficult or takes too much time then the melt and pour method is much quicker and easier. The additional ingredients used in the melt and pour method can also be used in the African black soap method.
You will need some equipment:

  • A deep pan
  • A bowl that will fit inside the pan
  • A stove or fire to heat the pan
  • A wooden box or metal tin to use as a mold

You will also need the following ingredients:

  • Cheap and unscented bars of soap
  • Water
  • New ingredients (see below)


  • Essential oils. These are scented oils extracted from flowers and herbs and fruit. Common essential oils include lemon and mint.
  • Ground spices. These are cooking spices that are ground to powder. Common examples include cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • Oats and grains. Oats are very good for removing dead skin.
  • Ground coffee. Coffee gives soap a nice smell and is also good for removing dead skin.
  • Natural dyes. Dyes give soap colour. There are many natural plants that can be used as dyes.
  1. Coffee and cocoa powder will give brown soaps
  2. Grated carrots will give orange soaps
  3. Spinach or other green leaves give a green colour
  4. You can try lots of foods and plants. Make sure they are not going to hurt your skin.
  • Milk will make smooth and creamy soaps.
  • Honey is very good for your skin. It is also a natural anti-septic which means it will kill harmful bacteria on your skin.
  • Coconut oil. This kind of oil is very good for making your skin soft. It will stop it from getting dry and cracked.
  • Dried flowers. These can be good for smell or for how the soap feels.
  • Fruit can be good for the smell of the soap. It can also add colour.

These are some small ideas. Don’t be afraid to try other ingredients. If you find a plant or food you that you like to smell then try it in soap!

  1. Cut up your soap bars as small as you can. If possible grate or grind them.
  2. Create a “double-boiler” set up. This means having boiling water in your deep pan and your bowl above the water. Set this up over your stove or fire and keep the water boiling in the pan.
  3. Put your cut up soap into the bowl above the boiling water.
  4. Keep stirring as the soap melts. It should become a thick liquid.
  5. Add in your new ingredients.
  6. Mix the liquid soap until all the ingredients are mixed in.
  7. Pour the liquid soap into your wooden box or metal tin.
  8. Leave the soap in a cool dry place to set.
  9. Setting will take several hours or days.

Do not worry if your ideas do not work first time. Keep trying new things to find a recipe you like!
Try out different ingredients to make different kinds of soaps. If your friends and family like your soap you could give it as a gift. You can also sell your soaps to other people.



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  1. Humphrey.W.Kamera 5 years ago March 6, 2018

    Can you pls reverse part 1 in order for me to lean how to make lye.?Pls kindly do it for me,be blessed.


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