Education and its benefits to parents and their children


Educated parents are essential in bringing up a child well. Bringing up a child can be hard and is a big responsibility. We all want our children to learn, have a good education, and be healthy. Educated parents can have great bene:its for your child. With both an educated mother and father, a child will be able to learn more quickly and there will be extra income for the whole family. More income for the family will benefit your child because they can have access to better food, clothes, and education. It is proven that a child will be more successful if the mother has an education as well as the father. The family as a whole will also be more comfortable if both parents can work because there will be more money in the household.


When a child grows up, they have many questions about the world. They always want to know more about life, asking about everything around them. Children are hungry for knowledge and want to learn. The first way educated parents benefit their child is that they can feed their enthusiasm and help them when they ask questions. When children have problems with homework, parents can encourage them by helping them with their problems. Children can be comfortable going to their parents whenever they need them. If both parents are educated, the mother can help the child if their father is busy at work. The mother is the child’s first teacher so can be there for the child as soon as they start questioning the world around them.


Reading and writing are key skills for life and will benefit the child not only in education, but also in eventually getting a job. If a child can read, they will be ahead at school and achieve more. They will also find education less difficult. They can help younger siblings so that the whole family can learn together. Both mother and father can work with each other to help children to read. If the mother needs to do housework, the father can read with the child. If the father is busy at work, the mother can still help the child learn to read. Only if both parents are educated can children get help whenever they need it.


If both parents are educated, both mother and father can :ind jobs with higher pay. This is because they have learnt new skills that businesses look for in an employee, like being able to write, do maths, and read. This will help with the household income as both the mother and father will have a job. If the father becomes ill or cannot work, the mother can continue to buy food and look after the family. Extra money can go towards giving the children an education so that in the future, they can get good jobs too. It can help buy special medication, or new clothes, or build a better house.

If both parents are educated, in the long term, there will be many benefits for the whole family. Children will learn more quickly and develop key skills, like being able to read or write because they will always have educational support at home. The household income will double if both parents are educated, because both mother and father can work. When both parents have had an education, they can achieve amazing success in the future.




  1. Emmanuel Nyangbeh 3 years ago December 27, 2017

    I’re love these messages, because is very essential for both parents to be educated. Thanks for knowledging me on these things.

  2. Umar Soba 3 years ago December 28, 2017

    Good advice to educated parents

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  4. FALY 3 years ago January 5, 2018

    I agree.

  5. FALY 3 years ago January 5, 2018

    It is true.

  6. Sendolo, Levi B. 3 years ago January 6, 2018

    Obviously true, when bothparents are educated family progress faster than one .


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