The place of pottery in African cultures


Pottery is an important part of African cultures. People in Africa started making articles out of clay from 9000 years ago. Many things have changed with time but this tradition is something that has continued. Your culture still makes pottery, just like people from a very very long time ago. Isn’t it amazing to think about? Your community is carrying on a tradition that has existed for such a long time. These objects give you a link to the past.

Pottery from the past has helped us find out about Africa’s history. Africa has a very rich oral tradition. This means that there is not much writing to tell us about Africa’s history. Therefore, objects play a very important role in telling us about the past. The shapes of and patterns on these objects can tell us about the past. They can tell us how people from the past saw the world. They can tell us what was important and beautiful to them. Pottery from the past connects us to the past. Objects made now may tell people in the future about you.

Pottery is an important part of your community’s culture. Almost every tribe has a different way of making it. Every tribe makes it beautiful in different ways. They might have different pictures or different colours. This means almost every tribe has unique pottery. Each tribe has its own form of it is and this makes the tribe special. It is so exciting that Africa is full of such interesting and different cultures. It is what makes Africa so special.

Pottery is useful in daily life. You can use pots to cook your food or keep water, for example. Useful things are important but they may not always be interesting. In other cultures in the world, useful things often look boring. However, in Africa these lay objects are often both useful and beautiful. It is amazing that something that is useful is also art. It makes your normal life more interesting and beautiful. When your life is more interesting every day, you are happier.

Many people in the world from other places love African pottery. They think African the objects made there are beautiful and interesting. This is because it is unique and different to the sort of objects made in other places in the world. Pottery is something that Africa should be very proud of..

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