The immune system – your protection from disease


Your body is constantly under attack from pathogens. Pathogens are small living things such as viruses, parasites and bacteria. They make us ill and cause disease.

Pathogens enter our bodies all the time. We pick them up from food and water, from other people and from the environment. But we aren’t ill all the time. Our body protects us against most pathogens. It does this with our immune systems.


Your immune system is like an army in your body defending you against pathogens. This stops you getting diseases all the time. The army is made up of individual soldier cells. These soldier cells travel in your blood and if they contact a pathogen they surround it and kill it.

Sometimes the soldiers can’t kill the pathogens straight away. This is what happens when you are ill. There is a war going on inside you between your soldier cells and the pathogens. If the soldier cells win, you stop being ill. If the soldier cells lose, you get a disease.


One way the immune system tries to win the war is by raising your temperature to kill bacteria. This is what happens when you get a fever.

If you have a cut that gets infected with pathogens, it will swell up. This is another way the immune system tries to win the war. It makes infected areas of your body swell. Liquid in your body goes to the infected area and causes redness and swelling. The liquid contains more soldier cells so they are close to where the pathogens are. This increases the chances that the soldier cells will win the war against the pathogens.

Your immune system protects you against a lot of diseases. It can’t protect you against everything though. It is important to protect yourself against disease in other ways. This includes being vaccinated against diseases to make your immune system stronger.

It also includes trying to stop pathogens entering your body. Some of the ways you can do this are by drinking clean water, washing your hands properly after going to the toilet and preventing your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes that spread pathogens.




  1. Dut Garang 4 years ago December 19, 2017

    I have been suffered by such kind of bacteria and worms even bite and move in whole my body continued up to 5 yes now even though I believe immune system can’t save me that made to use drugs but no recover as the bacteria still continue grow danger increase in number day by day.
    Please I need your advice

    • Brian Nicholas muhangi 4 years ago December 21, 2017

      Thanx so much.
      In the place I come from, they believe good nutrition and exercise plus healthy spiritual relationship with Jesus can boost these soldiers. Let me take this opportunity to send out a healing command for all fans of this page. By the power of the holy spirit be healed in Jesus name, be made whole in Jesus name. Let your soldiers be renewed and strengthened like never before in Jesus name so that u can live the long life that God has planned for u, with health and strength in Jesus name. Amen
      Love y’all and stay well


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