What happens when education is possible for all

Makoko, just outside the city of Lagos in Nigeria, is a neighborhood that is built on water. Houses are built on stilts above the water so that the people who live in them are safe and dry. Hundreds of people live there, including children, who need an education and somewhere to learn. Soon, there became too many children for the schools in the area.

However, a very clever man built a floating school for the town. Using cheap materials, such as plastic barrels, the man built a special school adapted to the needs of the people living nearby. It floats on the river next to the houses so that children can get the education they need even when it first seemed impossible.

This story reflects how education should be for everyone, even if it seems difficult at first. With hard work and innovation, the man built a school for the local children so that they could learn and study. Many people can get an education if they work hard, try their best, and have a positive attitude, just like in this story.


It is important that everyone gets an education and that we work together to ensure all children can learn. Education has many important values and helps communities and countries develop. In Makoko, because a new school was built, all boys and girls from the neighbourhood could be educated. The clever man knew that the more boys and girls we teach, the more educated the country would become. They could both learn useful skills such as reading and writing, new languages, and mathematics. This means that when they grew up, both boys and girls could help develop the neighbourhood by becoming teachers, or building new businesses. It was not only boys who helped the community develop, but girls as well. If both boys and girls are educated, then all children can help the neighbourhood when they grow up. Both boys and girls can help to build the economy.


As every person was educated in Makoko, everyone can develop the economy together – no individual is left behind. Boys and girls will grow up to help improve infrastructure, education, and trade with their money. The man in Makoko knew how essential it was to develop his neighbourhood so that all children were educated, which is why he built the floating school. He looked to the future and saw that the community could be improved if they worked together. By making sure that no child was left behind, he helped to create a neighbourhood that looked to the future. Just like Makoko overcame its challenges to educate every boy and girl, so can your community.



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  1. mututwa 4 years ago November 10, 2017

    inspiring quotes. thanks for sharing.


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