The Unlimited Potential of Reading

It is incredible how much can be learnt from reading and books. It is a knowledge that can never be taken away and can change someone’s life. The story of William Kamkwamba, for example, shows how reading is an essential skill. Even when it seemed difficult, William persevered to read and improve his life.

William was born in Malawi, and grew up on his family’s farm. When he got older, a famine forced him to drop out of school. It was a terrible famine and caused great hunger. Even though his family were hardworking people, they could not afford to send him back to school after the famine, because the tuition fee was too high. William felt sad and lost that he could no longer go to school. He loved his education.

But he did not want to burden his family or make them feel sad as well. So one day, William decided to go the village library. It was full of lots of different kinds of books that were useful for boys and girls, men and women, everyone in the village. William didn’t know English very well, but he was determined and worked hard to study from the books. He used the pictures and diagrams to learn the words around them.

When he was reading, he learnt that a big windmill could produce electricity and bring water to his father’s farming land, if he had the right technology. Sadly, William didn’t have the resources he needed, despite how much the windmill could help his family. But he refused to give up. He went to the scrap yard nearby, and found junk and rubbish that was similar to the materials used in the book.

Day after day he worked to make the windmill, following the instructions in the book. He could not understand every word, but he knew enough that he was able, with a lot of hard work, to make the windmill. He could light up his house. He could charge mobile phones. He could water his father’s land. From just reading one book, he had changed the life of his family and community.

When newspapers found out about his story, William got to travel the world, telling people about his achievements. He built more windmills in his village and across Malawi. From that one book, William transformed not only his own life, but his family’s life, and his village’s life. He inspired people across the globe to achieve their dreams, even when it might seem difficult.

Being able to read provides a person with an infinite knowledge. Now William can read any book he wishes, and improve his village even more. He can teach his siblings to read, or other children in the village. He can sign contracts and business deals, and understand their meanings, so he can get the best offer. Reading begins with just learning a few words, but can end in changing someone’s life forever. Reading provides a knowledge that is infinite and can be used for all things, not just in school. Even if it seems hard at first, learning to read is an amazing thing. Just like William overcame his struggles and challenges, so can you.




  1. farieda 6 years ago September 10, 2017

    Wow! WILLIAM Kamkwamba’s story is so inspirational!
    If only our modern techno-loving aliterate learners could learn the value of reading in their life and the life of others.

  2. omar souloum 6 years ago September 10, 2017

    A wonderful history…some one said to read means to travel

  3. Juko Kayondo Crispus 6 years ago September 18, 2017

    This is just so inspiring…congratulations to William. I wish him the best!

  4. Samuel 6 years ago September 19, 2017

    Truly amazing and inspiring

  5. Dagi Timothy 5 years ago October 4, 2017

    I personally support of that because is very good for our youth to learn

  6. Christopher 5 years ago October 7, 2017

    Wow that’s great and so good I love it

  7. Abdi wali bile 5 years ago November 8, 2017

    Realy it is wonderful story it is good to follow or deal to make some one,s life,s


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