Breaking down gender division – Women in sports

Sport is a great way of bringing people together. Teams like TP Mazembe from the Democratic Republic of Congo are recognised across the world for their CAF Champions League titles. But in today’s sports world, men still get the most recognition. There is a gender division in sport. A gender division is when a man is treated differently from a woman. Women in sports get largely ignored and changing the gender division in sport and seeing women as equal could help communities everywhere.


Giving women the recognition in sport could help everyone in lots of ways. Sport can help support further the idea that women should be respected as much as men. Violence against women unfortunately still happens in many countries around the world. In Uganda, the cost of violence towards women in the home was US$2.5 million 10 years ago. This cost included the healthcare used to treat women who had been abused. The cost also includes the opportunity cost of women not being able to work after they had been abused. Stopping violence would help women lead happy lives where they can feel secure to work and be an active part of the community.


Nigeria’s national women’s football team, the Super Falcons, have won the women’s African Nations Cup nine times. The team has also played in every Women’s World Cup. The team shows that women can play sports just as well as men and deserve to be respected for their work. This team can help show how women everywhere can represent their nation in sport. By talking about teams such as the Super Falcons it shows that women can do well working at what they want to do. Respecting women in this way will help to reduce violence.

The Super Falcons were given $50 each after they got to the Women’s World Cup. The men’s team get paid $4,000 for a draw and $5,000 for a win even though they have recently been less successful than the women. Seeing these teams as equal and giving them equal pay for the same sport could make a big change. Giving them equal pay will show that women can be paid equally to men. Increasing women’s pay would lead to higher income for families and communities. This equal income will help stop the division between men and women and breaking the division will then help stop violence against women.


Sport can be for everyone. By supporting both men and women in sport there could be great improvements in women feeling safer. Feeling safe is important to leading a happy life. Women could also get the chance to earn more. If women in sport earned as much as men, women in other jobs could earn as much as men. With women earning more there will be higher income across a nation. This extra income can help boost lots of different businesses. Not only would women feel safer but everyone would benefit.

Sport can be the start of stopping violence towards women. Supporting women in sport can help break divisions and bring people together.




  1. zakaria mohamed 4 years ago May 18, 2017

    I like to play football and volleyball. thank you for giving this big opportunity to me.thank you

  2. Nego 4 years ago June 16, 2017

    I like to play football and volleyball. thank
    you for giving this big opportunity to
    me.thank you


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