How African diaspora is helping Africa develop and get wealthier


The African Diaspora is the name for people of African origin who do not currently live n the continent, but who want to help the economic and social development of Africa. It is thought that people from the African Diaspora make up 39 million in North America, 113 million in Latin America, 13.6 million in the Caribbean, and 3.5 million in Europe.

They are usually:

  • People who have migrated to other countries either in childhood or adulthood
  • Studying in another country
  • Second generation immigrants – people who were born in another country but whose parents have migrated from Africa


Many people from the African Diaspora continue to have links to Africa and actively strive to improve Africa’s economy and social development. They also help to make the West’s view of the continent more accurate and open-minded. The African Diaspora contribute to development in Africa in many ways:

  • Many people return to Africa after finishing a degree in another country. These people bring skills, knowledge, and resources to the public and private sectors in Africa. This is good for the continent’s economic development.
  • A lot of the Diaspora invests money in Africa. This can create jobs, help economic growth, and create infrastructure such as roads and buildings.
  • They connect the country they live in with Africa. They have a knowledge of two cultures and can improve the understanding between them. They help the West understand that Africa has some of the fastest-growing economies in the world.
  • They help shape foreign policy as they have knowledge of Africa’s priorities and progress. They may be able to provide ideas to solve development challenges in the continent.
  • They use their voices on social media to speak freely and raise awareness of African news that may not be reported.

There are many ways in which diaspora can help a country. What is important is that it is also used to help the origin country advance, rather than people just leaving their country without giving anything back. You can help your country advance with the skills you acquire.



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  1. Sanusi Hamisu 4 years ago June 30, 2017

    It is great reading the books it really inspired my thinking faculty to positive beginning , am really optimistic the future is bright.


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