A Short History of Africa’s Rich Resources

Most of Africa’s history is passed through word of mouth, and is not written down. This means that a lot of it has been lost to time, changed, and is not well understood. Many African people usually see other countries as very advanced and ‘better’ their own, and they believe that other nations have a greater history, and a greater sense of belonging and identity. It is important for Africans to have confidence in their own culture which historians and archaeologists now know is more advanced and richer in natural materials than almost every other country in the world, including Europe and America.


The birthplace of human beings was in Africa, in the Great Rift Valley of what is now Ethiopia, 5 million years ago. It is from Africa that human beings spread to the other areas of the world, but the strongest stayed in the warm and fertile plains of Africa. 1,800 years ago, Africa was the only place where copper and bronze were not needed. Instead, African technological knowledge allowed the people there to skip straight from using stone to using iron, and so the people living in Africa did not need to experiment with bronze like those living in ancient Iran and ancient Europe.


1,500 to 500 years ago, the resources of Africa were some of the most desired and most precious on the entire earth. Africa had rich sources of gold, iron, copper, ivory, glass, and certain crops which were traded across vast oceans, making African societies very rich, and allowing them to build great palaces such as the stone buildings at Great Zimbabwe. This shows us that a rich society existed in Africa around 700 years ago, which traded with societies and cultures all over the world. Africa, generally, was one of the most respected regions in this time. As research continues, we will learn more about Africa’s rich and interesting past.

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  1. Mohamed salisu 6 years ago October 15, 2016

    Africa the land of good people rich mineral resources and lovely civilization among people

  2. mohamed koroma from sierra leone 6 years ago October 18, 2016

    yes it is true. Africa, we are best and we are blessed!!

  3. Kai Musa 6 years ago October 18, 2016

    Africa is such a blessed land.

  4. Mohammed Mairiga Manga 6 years ago October 19, 2016

    Very simple and useful write-ups. May God reward you abundantly.

  5. David A Obiakor 6 years ago November 3, 2016

    Really it will be very interesting if these books are available to the youths of today!

  6. Landry koumba 6 years ago November 12, 2016

    It is very interesting.But our continent seems like a poor continent,all of that is caused by some head of countries.

  7. patrick Bongongo Ikoli Ndombo 5 years ago August 16, 2017

    We are blessed,we have rich in culture and minerals and so on.Yes it is all true.
    Now let us bring this treasured land into its former glory.Dwelling in past has brought us neither treasure nor glory.
    let’s work together.How do it ?i honestly dont know but it must be done.

  8. Dennis 5 years ago August 17, 2017

    What happened?why did africa slide back?


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