Educated Women Earn More Money

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Education is the best way to gain knowledge. It is the foundation to a good life. All human beings have a right to education.
A girl child should be encouraged to go to school and learn different subjects. All women, regardless of their age, race, religion, nationality or background should learn to read and write. Education provides necessary basis of subjects like English, Science and Mathematics. It teaches them vital survival skills. It allows women to get better job opportunities and prosper in life.
Well-paying jobs require the ability to read, write and understand. With education, women will have the knowledge to perform many tasks expertly. In return, they get a good salary. They can use this money to eat nutritional food and drink safe water. They can take good care of themselves as well as their children. They can buy what they wish and travel and visit other countries. As a result, they remain happy and live a long life. When they are healthy, they are able to earn for more years.
Educated women can also start their own business. They can understand the market and accordingly provide products and services. Businesswomen can employ other educated women to run the company. This will create more female participation in the workforce and improve everyone’s standard of living.
Uneducated women will have limited opportunities to earn money. Women who cannot read and write mostly do labour jobs. It is difficult for these women to get a high salary. Such jobs can also affect their health in the long run. Uneducated women find it difficult to start a business as they have limited knowledge on how to run it.
Educated women can have very successful careers. Some of them are in charge of big organisations like Pepsi, Yahoo, World Bank, IMF etc. Countries like Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Poland also are headed by women. All these women are well educated and are not just taking care of themselves and earning well but they are also taking care of many other people.
Getting an education is necessary, even before getting married. Education teaches independence so a girl doesn’t have to depend on anyone else for what she needs in life. When you educate a woman, you educate her entire family. A mother is a child’s best teacher. An educated woman will bring up her children with values and knowledge important for leading a meaningful and prosperous life. Life is meant to be lived happily doing things that matter to one and education helps in achieving this goal.



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