Nia Flies

A young girl called Nia was happily living with her family. Nia loved to watch birds fly high in the sky .
Stop dreaming! her mother would say.
One day Nia noticed whispering people in her village, they were looking at her.
Nia’s mother said it was ‘her time’ which filled Nia with fear.
Nia’s mother is preparing her for cutting. “This is what we do for a good marriage,” said her mother but Nia does not want to be married yet, and is frightened from the terrible stories of Blood,Pain and Shame from her sisters.
Nia runs away from her village to a safe place where she is protected from the cutter. Nia was frightened to leave her family and she misses them but she will return one day like the birds in the sky to spread the words she has learnt.
No cutting, it is bad it will hurt and make you ill when you are with child.
A girl’s body is hers to stay whole not to be cut like the elders say.
Birds are free and so are we!




  1. Joanna 5 years ago September 27, 2016

    Female cutting is very dangerous and must be abolished!

  2. Landry koumba 5 years ago November 12, 2016

    It is short but very interesting.


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