Women, Wealth and Working Together



A country where only half of the population is allowed to work is half as rich as a country where everyone is allowed to work. All labour is valuable and has to be rewarded in order to encourage people to do their best. Being a man or a woman has nothing to do with how valuable your work is.


Growth comes from an increase in productivity: higher educational achievement, better machines and equipment and more motivated workers. Not empowering women workers is a waste. Education is wasted. Tools and machines are wasted. Ultimately talent and ambition is wasted. Successful countries allow women to work professionally not only in the home and their community. Paying women the same wages as men and allowing them to have important jobs is better not just for women but for everyone else as well.

Being paid for your work shows your value. It helps you to grow at home and in your community.


Receiving a wage puts you in a position to make choices about how to spend it. Your money enables you to fulfill your dreams. Your money helps you to live according to your own values. Financial independence allows you to invest the results of your work in projects that are meaningful to you. Equally, you are able to open your own bank account and save money. Money you might use for the education of your children, for buying a car or house, or for old age.


Wealth rarely comes from just one generation. Just like your sons and girl-children may be born with your eyes or your chin, they should receive your life possessions too. Economics shows us that it is better for you, your children and the children of your children in the future if you are giving when you can be and leave them an inheritance. In this way you can store your work and allow others to grow it. Saving is a virtue.


If two women want to make baskets and the first woman is good at weaving, while the second is good at painting them, the first one should do more weaving and the second one more painting. In this way they are faster and the products they create are better. But first these women need to talk, cooperate and decide the best ways they can work together. Only the women from that work can do this, because the baskets are theirs and only they know best how to manufacture them.


The power of women working together is hard to beat. Village-based groups of women attract money from other villages and towns. Women working together are stronger than women working alone. It becomes easier to make people trust you and to organize your business when you work with others. One single person cannot be the best at everything. We all have our own strengths and developing them is the most effective way to succeed. Women are can have many roles. They can be mothers, wives and daughters too, but this does not have to stop them from being good workers and entrepreneurs.
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