The Foundations of Human Rights: Freedom, Equality and Morality


A right is an entitlement.
A right is a freedom.

A human right is something that is natural. A human right is something that you are entitled to because you are a human being. Human rights are things that you are allowed to be, to have or to do because you are a human being. All human beings share the same rights because human rights are universal. No one can take away your human rights because they are absolute.

Human rights include:


Human rights are important because they protect your freedoms. Human rights are important because they give people the freedom to make their own choices and decisions. This means human rights allow human beings live their life in the way they want to live it. This ensures that human beings are not forced to do anything that they do not want to do. For example, the right to freedom of expression allows human beings to be free to choose if they wish to and how to express their feelings and opinions. The right to have a family allows human beings to choose if they want to have a family. If they do, then it is their entitlement to have a family. Nobody can tell somebody that they are not allowed to have a family. Why? Because everybody is equal.
Human rights are important because they recognise that every single human being is equal. This means that every person has the same human rights, regardless of their gender, nationality, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation or language.

This is why the law protects your human rights. The law recognises that people need their human rights to be protected to make sure they have equal treatment and equal opportunities. The outcome of this is that that every single person can be the best version of himself or herself. This is why all human beings have a right to an education. This is because education is the key to knowledge, which is the key to improving yourself. Therefore, human rights allow every single person to have the opportunity to be who they want to be. For example, if you have a dream of becoming a doctor, then your right to an education will mean that you can achieve your dream if you study and work hard enough, regardless of whether you are a male or female or whether you live on one side of the world or another. This shows that human rights ensure that every single person has the opportunity to develop their minds and talents.

Human rights are important because they reflect moral values. Human rights recognise that each person should be treated with respect and with dignity. This means that everybody should be included in their community and not be excluded because they have a particular religious belief or skin colour for example. Human rights are therefore important because they recognise the value of diversity.



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