Women have the Right to the Same Pay

Women have the right to the same pay as men. Not only is equal pay a right, it is good for the entire community. When women earn the same money as men, there is less stress placed upon men to be the only provider and there is more money for the entire family. This means more quality food and medicine can be bought, and better items for the home such as more efficient stoves and stronger tools become more affordable. In turn, increased purchases would help to support small businesses and families in the community.

Equal pay would also allow men and women to work shorter hours, creating more time to spend together as a family. This would help to foster a more equal partnership between husband and wife, and would help fathers and mothers to support and care for their children.
Equal pay also means that families could send more, or all of their children to school. Uniforms and textbooks would become more affordable and children would not have to work either as much, or at all, to help the family make money. Education allows children to access better jobs, improving their quality of life for themselves, as well as their future children. A good education and better job prospects would also make it easier for children to support their parents in old age.
For women who live alone or are the sole person responsible for their children because they are widowed or unmarried, equal pay would also help them to support the next generation, while spending more in local businesses.
Equal pay would also mean that women would be less financially dependent on unsuitable partners who may be abusive or violent. Violence is never the answer, and equal pay would make it easier for mothers, daughters, friends and neighbours to leave such relationships.
It makes sense for both women and men, that women are paid the same as men. It is positive for the whole community.
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