Why Equality between Women and Men is Important

Equality between men and women means that both genders should not be treated differently on the sole basis of their gender. This applies to all fields of life, for example the rights, opportunities and status of the two genders. Therefore, men and women should be treated equally with regard to everything. There are no circumstances where a woman or a man should be treated differently because of their gender.

Men and women are both equal. Although men and women may be different in some respects, it is important to remember that differences between men and women do not mean that one gender is worse than the other. For example, men and women may be good at different things. It should not be suggested that this means a man or a woman is “better” than one another. Therefore, men and women being equal does not mean that men and women are the same. In fact, men and women are different- because every individual is different- but this does not mean that they should not be treated fairly and as equals.

Because men and women are equal, they should be treated as so, both in the public and at home. For example, men and women at home are equal. They should therefore share responsibilities. If, for example, a man and a woman have a child or children they should share this responsibility of care equally. Some tasks may be divided, but these should always be discussed between the man and the woman and not presumed to be the role of one gender. In the home men and women should not presume that the other person must do certain things. This is especially the case for sex between a husband and wife.

In public men and women are also equal. Thus, if men and women provide the same skill at the same level in the workplace, their benefits and pay should also be the same. There may be a difference in pay according to their skills, however pay should never be different between men and women because of their gender.

When men and women are treated unequally this is called sexism. This means that a man or a woman is treated in a negative way for no other reason because of their sex. This is unjustified because men and women are equal. Therefore, if a woman is treated unequally because they are a woman this is wrong. Although this happens in society, men and women are becoming more aware of sexism and therefore people have begun to change their behaviours. For example, people have begun to speak out and to protest against sexism, declaring that it is wrong and that men and women are equal. In a modern and happy society, there is no sexism, and men and women live their lives in equality.



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