Educating the Girl Child is Important for the Community

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All children should have access to education. Stopping girls and women from going to schoo­­­l or from learning the same things as boys is dangerous. A girl in school has skills, information, understanding, knowledge and wisdom. She can use this to improve herself, her community and her family. A woman who is enrolled in school and taught fairly is valued by her community. She will become a superio­­r worker, neighbour, mother and wife.
Children learn from lots of different people. Fathers, mothers, teachers, grandparents and other children all help children understand the world and develop into adults. If a teacher is not skilled you do not respect them and may not send your child to their school. Mothers are teachers too. Sons and girl children spend lots of time with their mothers. Sons and girl children run to their mothers. Sons and girl children ask their mothers questions. Sons and girl children learn from their mothers.
If mothers are not educated they are not able to teach their children fully. It is well known that boys and girls with schooled mothers are more likely to start school and stay there. After school, educated children may work in the home, get a job or become more learned and attend university. They bring prosperity to the family with knowledge and money. Powerful, rich, intelligent sons come from educated mothers.
Educated women have healthier children. They are more likely to give birth to a strong child and keep him strong. They know how to feed, protect and instruct their child. They notice when their child is not healthy and can stop him or her dying. They are more likely to think and act quickly if a child is ill. Infant death can be reduced by educating girls.
Diarrhoea for example, can kill. Research has shown that the children of educated mothers get diarrhoea less. Mothers who have been to school are more likely to give their child clean water, recognise early that they need to see a doctor and continue treatment at home. Educated mothers are more likely to be able to read the instructions on medicine and mosquito nets and to vaccinate their children. Such children have better protection from deadly diseases and the children of educated mothers are less likely to carry malaria parasites.
Educated women are better wives. They are able to contribute to the household financially. They are able to advise and support their husband. They are more likely to be practical, capable, thoughtful and caring. ­­They are able to understand and teach others tradition, culture and customs.
Everyone in a family is important and children are more likely to succeed if they have lots of positive role models. We should allow girls the opportunity to be role models. Girls should be given the chance to attend school at the same age as boys and have access to the same support from their families. It is never too late for women to be educated. Husbands, families, children, communities and women themselves are more likely to succeed if girls are educated.



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