Why reading is the path to learning


Learning to read can open up the world around you. Everyone has the right and ability to learn how to read at any age!
Reading is fun! Some books tell stories that can take you on a fun trip without leaving your home. You could be an explorer on Mount Kilimanjaro or a traveler flying through space – just by reading a book!
Reading can help you learn! Some books teach us things using facts and research. There is a book about anything you are interested in. If you like bugs, you can learn about how they live and what they eat. If you like history, you could read about people who lived many years ago.
Learning to read can help us talk with our loved ones. Even from far away, you can read and write emails or letters to your family and tell them about your life. You can use the Internet to write to friends down the street or friends across the world.
Reading can give you ways to better your life and meet your goals. People who own businesses need to be able to sign papers and learn how to make money. Reading can help you do these things for your business and help provide for your family and yourself.
Reading and writing is a great activity to do with your family! Parents can read out loud to children to help them learn. Children can read out loud to parents to practice reading and telling stories.
Everyone can learn to read and enjoy the benefits of reading in their lives. What will you read about next?
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