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The UN Security Council and Africa: Present and Future

The United Nations is a global organization that allows countries around the globe to work together to improve the world we live in. It has many bodies that specialize in things from health to cultural heritage, but one of its politically most significant entities is the Security Council. Recently, there

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Term limits and why they are beneficial

Following a round of elections, the elected president can rule until the end of their term, which is usually four to seven years long in Sub-Saharan Africa. Having term limits refers to limiting how many times a person can serve as president. This policy has been beneficial to many countries

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Region or nation? The future of Somaliland

Depending on who you ask, three and a half million people in the Horn of Africa inhabit either a state yet to gain international recognition, or a rebellious region of Somalia. Somaliland declared its independence in May 1991 and has been operating de facto autonomously since. As the shadow of

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