Elements of Government: The Civil Service

WHAT IS THE CIVIL SERVICE? The Civil Service is a branch of government which is independent of the Executive and is responsible for implementing government policy. The Civil Service generally aims to be a non-political body. This means it will act in a neutral way which does not favour any

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How are laws passed?

WHAT IS A LAW? A country’s legal system is made up of individual laws which are generally rules set and enforced by the government. Failing to follow the law in a country will often lead to penalties, such as a fine or arrest. Laws are made in slightly different ways

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Elements of Government: the Legislature

WHAT IS THE LEGISLATURE? The Legislature is one of three branches of government. The other two are the Executive and the Judiciary or the courts. The Legislature can be a parliament, congress or national assembly. The Legislature will often be made up of two levels: an upper house and a

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