Transparency and tackling corruption

THE NATURE OF CORRUPTION Corruption across Africa takes place in many forms. In any case, whether it is bribery on a small scale or top-level political embezzlement (theft of public funds), corruption serves to the detriment of all societies in which it happens. Bribery is exceptionally common across the African

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The Importance of Free Press for a Democracy

The freedom of the press in an exceptionally important aspect of any democratic society. The ability to criticise government policy and allow the African people a voice in the most important matters of policy is the cornerstone of both the freedom of the press and democracy itself. Protecting the independence

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Illiberal democracy in Africa

The growth and protection of democracy is vitally important to the well-being of all people across all continents. The struggle for democracy in Africa has cost many lives and has suffered many authoritarian regimes. Yet now just as in the twentieth century democracy is being threatened across the African continent.

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