Anti-solar panels that work at night

Why are solar panels useful? Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) are trapping heat within the earth’s atmosphere, causing global warming. This is becoming a climate emergency. People all over the world are recognising that we need to do whatever we can to reduce our emissions of CO2. One way

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Climate change and coffee-growing in Ethiopia

Coffee is native to Ethiopia and is the country’s most important agricultural product, supporting 15 million farmers (1/7th of the entire country’s population). In 2015, 180,000 tonnes of coffee were exported from Ethiopia. It is Africa’s largest coffee producer and the world’s 5th largest exporter. CLIMATE CHANGE AND COFFEE Coffee

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Ammonia’s potential as a zero-carbon fuel

WHAT IS AMMONIA AND WHAT ARE THE ISSUES WITH IT? Ammonia is a chemical we have used to improve the yields of our crops for over 100 years. The main method of ammonia production involves releasing hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) from natural gas (a fossil fuel). The hydrogen is

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